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These are icons I scanned and made by myself...
you may download them by right clicking of your mouse.


Ha Ha...I finally found out how to make icons files (.ico) for the windows desktop... This file contains the above icons in icons files format (.ico) Also, 5 other cutie cutie dingdong icons files for your desktop.

(In case you don't know how to change the icons of your desktop, first double click on "my computer", then "control panel", and then "display".  Now, click on the "effects" tag, and click "change icon".  Locate the .ico file from your own computer.  When you are done, click "OK".  For all other changable icons, you may simply right click any icons w/ your mouse and choose "properties", and click on "change icon".)


Also, below are two experimental screensavers I created
with the help of a shareware.



Will Keep

(when in the mood)